Raven’s Touch

At this time we are deep in the post-production phase of Raven’s Touch, with plans to release her into the world in 2014. What a wonderful collaboration this has been working with the incomparable Dreya Weber (The Gymnast, A Marine Story) on all facets of the film, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Dreya wrote the script based on a story idea of Marina’s, and they directed as a team. As you can see from the images, Dreya shares the screen with the stunning Traci Dinwiddie (Elena Undone, Supernatural TV series), an actress close to our heart for many reasons.

A truly magical part of this project is that it was made by hundreds of people who chose to get involved and help us bring Raven to life. Given the state of financing for women’s films, we usually have to look outside the mainstream way of doing things, and so we did. Our amazing Raven Film Family members have, and continue to do their very best to birth this wonderful new women’s film with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Raven (Rae) Michaels is searching for peace at her old family cabin, deep in the woods and far from life as she knows it. Following a harrowing chain of events, these 30 days of solitude have provided Rae the ability to finally clear her mind and body, to sleep free of the intrusive nightmares, and wake each morning with the desire to keep on living.

Kate Royce has been pushed to her limit by her 16 year old daughter Maya. A single mother of two teens, the moment has finally come and Kate knows she must make a radical decision or perhaps lose the battle forever. She is going to fight for her kids and put their family back together the only way she knows how.

When Raven and Kate unexpectedly collide sparks certainly do fly, just not the kind one hopes for. Kate and kids plop themselves down smack in the middle of Rae’s world, and her life of attempted calm and clarity is tossed upside down, sending her into an emotional tailspin.

As Rae and Kate navigate the choppy waters, they have no idea that soon they will come to depend on each other as the unthinkable happens, and Rae is propelled back into the very situation that drove her into seclusion to begin with.



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