Aubrey Goes Down


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Award-winning feminist filmmaker Aubrey Ackerman’s life is spinning totally out of control. Before she can wrap her head around a shocking ‘new normal’, she’s summoned from Los Angeles to her small Bible Belt hometown to care for Aunt Libby, Aubrey’s only living relative. Now trapped in the place she swore she’d never go back to, and driven by financial desperation, Aubrey enlists a group of GOOD GIRLS from the local college to be her crew, a couple of BAD GIRLS from Grandma’s strip club to be her talent, along with one of  Aunt Libby’s sweet but crazy neighbors, to help her make the hottest based-on-a-true-love-story feminist porn film anyone’s ever seen. If Aubrey is reduced to porn, it’s gonna be the best porn any woman ever off to.


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