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Rene, Joyce, Marina & Kim

Whoever you are, I’m glad you’re here!

Please take a few minutes to look around, find out what Soul Kiss Films is all about, and then join us on the Community page to really get up close and personal. An odd directive you may think, but the one thing I know for sure that we do absolutely right is connect with people, and that means you…if you wish it to be so…which I hope you do.

You most likely know by now that we make movies for the vastly underserved female population. There are lots of us ladies out there who are not getting our cinematic needs met, and that’s where Soul Kiss comes in. We have two films out in the world right now – Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending, both written and directed by acclaimed lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn. Our current film, titled The Raven Project because it’s still in search of just the right name, is in post-production and set to be released in 2014. This is a true collaboration with the wonderful Dreya Weber (A Marine Story, The Gymnast), who stars along with Traci Dinwiddie (Elena Undone, TV’s Supernatural), wrote the screenplay based on a story of mine, and then co-directed with me. We can’t wait to bring you this beautiful film. Next up is a little out-of-the-box movie that will be my first solo journey, Anatomy of a Love Seen, and I look forward to sharing details with you soon.

We will continue to add cool stuff to the site over the next month or two – things like behind the scenes footage of our films, interviews with our actors, the sneak peek we’re putting together of The Raven Project – and then we’ll keep going from there with new content that keeps you up to date with where we are in the world. And circling back around, I’m hoping we will get some of the same from you on the Community page.

See how I did that?

Hugs for now,

Photo from the Raven set, with a few of my Soul Sisters.

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