Not so long ago, on a quiet Saturday afternoon, I decided to bypass traditional distribution and make Anatomy of a Love Seen available to everyone in the world with streaming capability at exactly the same time.  Based on feedback from the lesbian community, the press, and anyone else who had an opinion, this was a great idea – forward thinking in fact.  I didn’t want to give my rights to someone else to control for the next seven years, I wasn’t interested in the exclusionary practice of  certain territories having to wait months to enjoy the film, and I just wanted to try something new and different.  Was I right to think these things?  Did I make the best decision for my film, the right decision for me?

I’ve begun to consider the direct distribution of Anatomy of a Love Seen to our community as a social experiment.  Can I reach my audience without a distributor, and will our community use social media to spread the word to help get a film created just for them seen by as many people as possible?  Will they be supportive?  Does my audience, my very specific niche lesbian audience, understand that if they don’t help me get the word out that I may not be able to make any more films?  Can I make that fact clear with my what is sure to be hundreds of posts and emails?  I truly believe that what I do has value, which is why I feel that what I’m offering is a fair deal.  A brand new film at a cost of $5 for a 72-hour rental period.  Sounds fair, right?

A little background for those who’ve never really thought about it, and this is only my story – other filmmakers have their own, and you should find out about them if you enjoy their work.  When creating a new film I give everything I’ve got for on average of one year – to be clear, that’s one year with no pay.  It’s a tremendous investment of time and energy, and it takes a lot of faith in myself and my audience.  It’s very easy to jump online these days and find free content, so it can be a challenge to consider paying $5 to watch a movie.  My hope is that my audience begins to think of that $5 in a different way – when they buy my film they see it as a way to support me and what I’ve chosen to create.  Each $5 says “yes, please make more films for us, yes we support you, yes, keep doing what you do”.   In a perfect world I would be independently wealthy and not have to worry about such things, but like almost everyone else out there, I have to earn a living.

So here’s where the interactive part comes in – as part of my social experiment, I would very much like for everyone reading this post – everyone, please – to take just a moment to comment below.  It can be anything relevant to this post – here are some examples:  Have you rented Anatomy of a Love Seen, or not?  If not, has reading this post made a difference in whether you will rent it?  Do you typically rent films or look for free content?  Have you ever thought about how indie filmmakers make a living?  Have you ever thought of renting or buying a film as supporting the people who made it?  Do you think it’s acceptable that I directly ask my audience for support in both renting the film and spreading the word?  Your comments and conversation will be incredibly helpful in determining what I do next, and I look forward to being part of that conversation.  Did I make the best decision?  Let’s find out.

In Gratitude,


For ease of renting and sharing, here is the direct streaming link to Anatomy of a Love Seen:





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  1.  by  Sandi Mackenzie

    Well Well Well …. this is a fantastic idea Marina !!
    I’ll be renting this wonderful movie in the near future me Dear ..
    I think this is a great way to get your fantastic work out there to everyone !!

    Cheers lady

    Sandi xo

    •  by  Patricia(Trish) Angelopoulos

      I think you are right on! I am not an expert by any means. I can tell you being in retail management (selling dvd’s cd’s laser discs)and me and my husband working at movie theaters all this in 90’s. I had first hand experience losing jobs, when FYE, Sam Goody & Suncoast all closed in my town. We watched everything go to the internet. Now soon dvd’s & cd’s are getting ready to be a thing of the past. Everything is going digital. As you know at least in our town. Movie Theaters in projection booths, no more platters to put film reels on no more old school splicing trailers onto film. No more shipping the film off after its played for two weeks. It’s all computers, movies and trailers are downloaded digitally. Kinda sad! My husband is a computer programmer. He keeps up with a friend at Digital Bits, also. We are happy to support the movie industry, especially independent film makers. I was happy to pay that 5 bucks for your movie and the rest we pay for netflix. Independent films don’t come to Joplin, MO buckle of the bible belt. I have to wait 4 to 6 months for a movie to be released online. Feels like being punished. lol The fact that you released “Anatomy of a Love Seen” I didn’t have to wait 6 months. I thank you and yes I will support you and your movies as well as other indie film makers that do this. Honestly I think all movies period are going to be pay online. I have a projector, big automated, movie theater screen, blackout shades,popcorn maker. I know more and more people buying home theaters. We didn’t pay that much, honestly. We still see movies at theater, sometimes. Most people in this economy don’t want to pay 14 bucks per ticket then 20 bucks for combo at concessions. Sorry this was long. I am passionate about this subject. Yes I think people will pay to watch your movies online and contribute to getting movies made and spread the word. That’s my opinion, I’m a mom, wife and big time cinephile! 🙂 Thanks for reading, Marina. I will support Ravens Touch for sure! 🙂

  2.  by  Gerry Runstedler

    I was introduced to this project by Sarah Smith because some of her tremendous music is used in the film. First I watched the music video and that raised my interest in the film itself. I rented the film last Friday and watched it again on Saturday. I think it is masterfully done and would highly recommend it to others. The distribution model worked for me, because I rarely attend at a theatre. If I can watch it on my home theatre I am content. I am glad you did this film.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks Gerry – it’s truly helpful to know how viewers find the film, so thanks for sharing that information!

  3.  by  Les

    I have not yet rented the movie but plan on doing so once things calm down in my life and I have a block of time to enjoy it. I think the concept is great. One question though, can you record it to your DVR once you make the purchase?

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      I hope you enjoy our film. Not being a tech expert I’m not sure about the DVR, but this is meant to be a rental period. Thanks for your input!

  4.  by  DAR

    Why not venture forward. Netflix has been doing wonders on this type of premise, yet, they charge more for less time. The idea of maintaining creative control including distribution would be wondrous.

    *Tips My Hat*

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks Dar – I appreciate your sweet virtual gesture!

  5.  by  Freya-Storm

    Personally, I think it’s a really great distribution idea. I heard about the film a while ago on AfterEllen and saw the trailer on OML and the fact that I knew I’d be able to watch it when it came out was really exciting. Living in the UK, most of the lesbian films get made in the US and I often have to wait ages to be able to watch things. Seeing the trailers and reading about the film beforehand and then being able to watch it with the rest of the world, made me feel really connected to my community. I think the fact I knew that I was watching it as soon as it came out, made me anticipate the release and set aside an evening to watch it, in a way that I probably wouldn’t have to had it just been coming out on iTunes so many months later or being released on DVD after I’d already read all about it online and not been able to watch it for a long time. It also made renting it for $5 seem very reasonable, because it was almost more like going to the cinema than watching it from home- it felt like a special event rather than an average movie night. And then of course it was an absolutely breathtaking film and having it for 72 hours was fabulous because I could watch it again the next day!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Freya-Storm, thank you so much for this in-depth comment. I can’t tell you how much it means that you took the time, and of course thank you for the sweet words about our film. Hugs from across the pond!

    •  by  Sally Chen

      I echo what Freya commented. Am living in Taiwan and often the films do not coming this way of the world. And often many films from some of the on demand websites or channels are not available for my region. Your way of distribute your film is a great way to me. I often read information from websites and want to be involved but often not available. Some films are able to purchase thru Wolfe for download which is usually I do. I also participant on some of the donation on webseries, since that way can support those making films and for myself to enjoy them. There sure are free contents on the net, but guess am not the big fan of it. The sound and quality just not as good as rent or purchase products.
      A film for 5 dollars and for three days is wonderful to me. Friday,Saturday and Sunday!!! What more can you ask for five dollars these days for a film and you can stay put and enjoy it at home!
      Last, really thank you with your work. This one or past films. I enjoy them very much. Keep up with good work!!! Hope to see more of your works in the future!!
      Sally Chen

      •  by  Marina Rice Bader

        I’m so happy to hear this Sally, and I’m thrilled that we have fans in Taiwan! I also very much appreciate your Facebook interaction. Sending hugs, Marina

  6.  by  Stacey

    I think it’s a great idea, I sincerely hope that this turns out to be a great positive experience that you can learn and grow from. I have not yet rented this film but look forward to actually owning it as a way of supporting you and your futue projects. I am a little old fashioned in the way of needing to physically own or rent a movie as apposed to trusting the internet. I do however download some stuff to try once in awhile if I’m not sure of the movie or music etc… I am on a very limited income so I am very picky about what I buy. I truly wish I could support all those I enjoy, sadly I can not.
    I look forward to seeing your movies on shelves everywhere.

    Stacey H-M

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      What a sweet message – thanks so much Stacey. I am a single mother of four, so I understand a budget! Sending hugs, Marina

      •  by  Stacey

        You are very welcome. Never stop doing what you love. Sending hugs back.

        Stacey H-M

  7.  by  Roberta Leinster

    I have rented the film and I really enjoyed it. It was very real, passionate, sexy and gripping film to the very end. It had me questioning whether I could re-shoot a love seen in those circumstances. I’ve paid a lot more to download movies that have been very disappointing. You definitely get what you pay for. Worth a watch guys. Keep up the hard work and well done☺

  8.  by  Jade

    Sounds interesting! The most important thing about promoting a film through social media and eliminating the middleman is to include a link to the rental site in every written transmission! Add a link here so I don’t have to go hunting down the film. I found this on someone’s FB page, but only got linked to this comment page not your film’s webpage, FB page or a way to pay for the rental. Good luck with this project.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Hi Jade – I do have the link multiple times in this blog – are they not clear enough? Making sure others include the actual movie link would be next to impossible, but wouldn’t it be awesome!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Hi again Jade, I added one more link at the bottom of the blog so it’s very clear – thanks for pulling my “light bulb chain”!

  9.  by  Tee

    Rented and watched this weekend. I read about the launch, saw the updates on Facebook and thought it was the perfect way to get your film to the maximim audience worldwide. Being a Brit and living in Australia I often feel like we are forgotten about in in regards to the distribution of lbgt movies etc, especially with many films being made in the US, so being able to watch as soon as it was available felt wonderful.
    I hope you are still going to produce to dvd or create a digital download. This is one film I’d like to keep and watch again.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Hi Tee – Thanks so much for your thoughts, and so happy you watched Anatomy of a Love Seen! My plan is to create a way to purchase the film at some point, just now sure how everything is going to roll at out this moment. Sending hugs, Marina

  10.  by  Heather

    Rented it the first weekend it was available. Loved it!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Heather, if you don’t mind my asking – how did you find the film…and thank you!

  11.  by  Maureen Gummert

    I will be renting, I was looking to purchase but knowing I can rent will make waiting for the purchase easier.

    I think piracy is wrong, I will purchase.

    Marina I also appreciate your open dialogue. It is fantastic that you do not hide behind a screen name or have someone else “do your bidding” We know that, with you, what you see is what you get. I think renting is a fantastic idea and how exciting that “Anatomy of a Love Seen” is available to a world audience

    I cannot wait until I have time to rent and watch the film…

    I will also post again when I have had opportunity to watch. I will probably have to rent on more than one occasion before I am able to purchase.


    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thank you for your kind words Maureen, and I look forward to hearing from you again! Hugs, Marina

  12.  by  jamie peters/Tammy Ricks

    I do buy and rent movies in sheer support of the artists and or directors.
    Same with music.
    Yes.. This is a good idea.. I have actually financially supported the making of an album, a project conference and a movie this way…The making of it..let alone the finished product.
    Even though I am gay I am a born again Christian and like music that isn’t so popular..I buy it straight from their Web site.
    I prefer Amazon only because all of my info is there.i am a prime member. I am one of those people that are just plain out faithful. I’ve bought music that I couldn’t listen to out of sheer respect for the tenacity of the artist to put it out there.
    I buy stuff for the principal of the matter. I still stop at roadside vegetable and fruit stands and buy what they are selling even if I have to give most of it away because I can’t eat all that. Yes…grass roots..hand to hand..word of mouth..personal support is still the strength of any industry.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      This is music to my ears – thank you for supporting the people behind the products you enjoy!

  13.  by  sheri

    Ill be renting your movie this week and am so excited ..I plan on seeing more of you in the future making wonderful movies!!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Sheri – I will do my very best not to let you down! Enjoy the film…hugs, Marina

  14.  by  LIANA

    I think renting in type of forum is the best way to rent. I constantly look for the original production web site for films and try to rent through them directly, I would rather those who make quality films continue and get funding directly rather only receiving a small percentage from a distribution company. I plan on renting this film soon, I have been waiting for quite a while for the release. Thank you for making a beautiful story.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      It’s waiting for you Liana – thanks so much for joining the conversation! Hugs, Marina

  15.  by  Julie S.

    I was very happy to stumble across Soul Kiss films a few months ago. By that time, Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending were available to download from the Soul Kiss website. I purchase both and LOVED them! I am a hopeless romantic, so Elena Undone was my favorite. That being said, A Perfect Ending was VERY good, too. (if anyone is reading this and has not seen them, I highly recommend it!) When I found out that Anatomy of a Love Seen was being filmed, I was wondering when the actual movie would be available to purchase, but the idea of having it available to rent right after it was premiered in LA was wonderful—I think this is a fantastic idea and I am am hoping that you will do the same with Raven’s Touch. I loved the movie!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Julie, so happy you enjoyed all three of our films. I know you’ve posted reviews on our Vimeo streaming page and on Facebook – thanks so much for your wonderful support – it really does make all the difference! Hugs, Marina

  16.  by  Janelle

    I’m a strong believer in supporting Independent artists whether it be through crowd-funding (which I particularly love as it makes you feel part of the project) or buying their work online. I’m all for renting the film and will be doing so when I get a chance. The only issue I find is online renting can be difficult as many sites don’t have zone-free settings for people overseas (I’m in Australia). If Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending are anything to go by, then I’m excited to watch this!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Hi Janelle – this is so great to hear – thanks for supporting the artists that create the content you enjoy! Good news for you as well, we’ve had many viewers watch from Australia, so I think all will be well. Very best, Marina

  17.  by  Vera Bourne

    I am more than happy to rent the movie for $5, but I still do want a copy on DVD that I can access later this year or next, or when ever. Shalom, Vera

  18.  by  Shelley

    Marina –
    Let me start with YES! You made a great, out of the box, decision to release your film in this unique format. $5 is an incredibly fair price because it makes the work accessible to so many.
    I look forward to renting later this week when I have the time to truly enjoy the experience.
    I have contributed in the past to Soul Kiss films; and, will continue to support you in the future. As a community we have to lend our voices, financial support and “key strokes” to our artists who work tirelessly to bring our stories forward.
    So, yeah, ask away! I, for one, appreciate you…

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks for both your past and present support Shelley! I very much appreciate your thinking in terms of the larger picture and how we all work together. Sending hugs, Marina

  19.  by  Pam

    To Marina R.B. ; To Soul Kiss ; to the cast and crew ;

    I just finished this absolutely delightful film and I want to say that being able to rent it in the comfort of my own mood has made this piece so much more than what it is. I think that this method is as realistic as we can get to providing transparency for the indie film realm for the audience. Having worked briefly in the theater world, I can understand what it means when your career truly revolves around the work you do and the potential impact it creates in the public.

    By providing your work to the general public via renting directly to us, you have created an incredible number of unique connections that reaches far beyond the support of what any distributor could have accomplished.

    As for myself, I can say that this has only made me love your work even more. I got the unique chance to take a quick glimpse into your heart and soul through this film. I want to thank you to the moon and back

    – pH

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Pam, I appreciate your kind and generous comment very much, and I agree 100% about the connections…so important…sending big hugs, Marina

  20.  by  Nikki Smart

    I rented AOALS 2 days ago and I truly enjoyed your movie. All I can say is my $5.00 was well spent. I’m looking forward to seeing more movies from you Marina. Stay Blessed !!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      I look forward to making them, Nikki…hugs, Marina

  21.  by  P. Mota

    I don’t really know how movies industry precisely works, but one thing i know…the traditional distribution must be expensive, slow and just reach a small amount of countries…Marina, YOU used the “Key” to make this movie be seen in hundreds of countries at the “same time”! Specially when we all know that the new technologies make a piece of information reach millions in hundred of countries in minutes. By other hand, in nowadays, people choose more and more to stay home and rent a movie to see with friends in the comfort of their houses, then go to theatres…
    Plus in these way you can always reach ALL communities, in ALL countries in minutes…do you know any community that doesn’t have a website? A facebook page? I don’t…YOU can even use social media online as any magazine, newspaper or TV also have their online channels…
    YOUR audience is the easiest to be reached without a distributor cause they are always “on top” of new releases…new movies, new events…and yes, they will be the first to spread the word…and the web works in exponential numbers…a few lead to hundreds, hundreds lead to thousands…and all this without the so called “traditional distribution”…the important is make the information hit the right places…the fans…then they will spread the word…plus $5 to watch a movie that will be available for 72 hours, doesn’t happen in ANY theater that i know…you buy ONE ticket and watch the movie ONCE…and that’s it! People have to understand that creating or building whatever takes time, money and energy, and i am even passing the author rights, so they have to start getting used to pay for a product that involves a long time of efforts and expenses to be done and then available.
    Personally, i rented the movie because i wanted to watch it and knowing what production any piece of art involves, $5 was more than fair…was much less than what i would pay if i had go to a video club and rented it…
    In a world that will uses more and more the new technologies, spreading the word online is the best way of promoting whatever product you want to reach people…and i mean thousands of people…start promoting at the right time and in the right places guarantees the success of your “vision”…to me you are a visionary…and in my case you enable me to watch a movie that i wanted to watch, in the day of its release, so what can be better than that?
    And because i am blunt, why would you use the “traditional distribution” that is more than expensive and “lives” on the work of others, if YOU can do it yourself, saving a lot of money, that you can use to make new films?? In the XXI Century, those that will stick with the new technologies and know how to spread the word will be winners! Want an example? Soon you wont have newspapers on paper anymore…they will all be online versions with a paying subscription…
    So trust yourself and create! Without fears as you will always have the support you need! xoxox

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      From your mouth P…”a few lead to hundreds, hundreds lead to thousands”…if we are to make this distribution model work, we absolutely need the support of our audience – WE NEED OUR AUDIENCE TO SPREAD THE WORD ON THEIR SOCIAL NETWORKS, VIA EMAIL OR CONVERSATION OVER MORNING COFFEE – it’s critical, and only time will tell if this model works. Hugs, Marina

  22.  by  Éva

    Hi Marina,

    To make the movie accessible to everyone at the same time is fantastic. I think it contributes to less illegal sharing and makes us on other continents very happy not having to wait.

    Usually, I buy movies I’ve seen and liked. This is because I think good work should be awarded. Unfortunately there is also a lot of low quality movies out the that I’m not willing to pay for, especially when I don’t even want to waste my time watching them to the end. Since I’ve seen and loved your previous creations, I’ll watch this one in the next couple of days.

    $5 is a fair price and asking the audience to spread the word is a completely natural thing to do.

    Keep up the fabulous work!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Éva,thanks for your feedback – it’s truly appreciated, and spreading the word is really the only way our small films get noticed…hugs, Marina

  23.  by  R E Bradshaw

    Marina, I think it was a fantastic idea. You are reaching your market much faster than the traditional distribution channels. As with self-publishing books, the control of your product and its marketing are priceless. It will catch on and more will follow your example. Congratulations on being a forward thinker.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks so much for commenting Ms. Bradshaw, I appreciate your support here. For those of you who don’t know, R E Bradshaw is one of the best-selling lesbian fiction authors out there –

  24.  by  Jesse Pennings

    This film was excellent! I was so excited that I could rent it and watch from the comfort of my own home…and like many others I watched more than once in that 72 hour period! I think this was a great idea for distribution and I hope you can continue making such wonderful movies!!! I’m sure I’ll be renting Anatomy of a Love Seen again and again 🙂 Keep them coming Marina!!!!

  25.  by  Kathy

    I rented Anatomy Of A Love Seen the first day it was available. I did so for exactly the reasons you described. I wanted to support you and everyone involved, as well as help to prove that this is a viable option for producing quality films.
    I learned of your film through facebook, and loved the release of little pieces of info leading up to the release.
    Btw I am not a lesbian, but watched and loved
    your film because it was a touching love story. It was beautifully filmed, and the acting was amazing. Soul Kiss is a perfect name for what you do.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Kathy, I’m so happy you mentioned the fact that you’re not a lesbian. One day we won’t have to mention these things at all, but for now it illustrates the point that a love story is truly for everyone, because love is the universal thread…hugs, Marina

  26.  by  Denna

    We are lovers of all things indie! Anything we can do to help we’ll do it. We’ve donated to Kick Starter for just this purpose. Thanks for making a film about us.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      As always, it is truly my pleasure…hugs, M

  27.  by  Peter

    Marina – I have a lot of respect for what you’re doing and your openness about the process. Great work!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks Peter – I truly believe that transparency is so important, not only so that artists can learn from each other, but so our fans and followers can be informed as well. Sending hugs, Marina

  28.  by  Anita Furlong

    What a wonderful idea. Living in Ireland, let alone the UK, it can be very difficult to access lesbian movies and living on a tight budget buying them is not usually a possibility. I know I will rent this and enjoy it when I have some time to myself and I will also feel happy to be supporting an independent artist.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Anita, I have heard this over and over, which is why I didn’t want to release in “territories” – thank you so much for mentioning this point! Hugs, Marina

  29.  by  Shelley

    Marina –
    First, let me say that I applaud you thinking outside the box as it pertains to distribution. And, $5 is beyond reasonable for a 72 hour rental. Streaming worldwide so that this film is seen simultaneously by so many connects our community in a unique way. But, you’re right…we have to do our part to ensure that artists continue to have a forum. To this end lending our voices, financial support and even “key strokes” to the cause can go a long way towards continued growth and appreciation.
    So, yes, it’s okay for you to remind us of the importance of donating and sharing. I’ve contributed to Soul Kiss in the past and will continue to support in the future.
    Congrats on a successful debut..
    Shelley D.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      “Lending our voices”…I like that very much Shelley, and it’s a great way to think of supporting the artists you appreciate…hugs, M

  30.  by  Andrea

    I make it a point to support lesbian film making by donating, by crowd funding, by DVD purchase and by purchase streaming. I am incredibly aware how hard it is for the arts to procure funding and as I want to encourage more lesbian film creation, I take an active role in it through the use of my dollar.

    That said, I saw the film this morning and read the reviews. Must say that this is a wonderful film about communication and contrasts. This claustrophobic set with it’s fake wall (flats), it’s faux dressing room and lighting props,acts as a perfect incubator which allows the characters to actually open up and to reveal. These people are flawed, as we all are in that we get wrapped up in our little worlds where there seems to be only one perspective. We make assumptions. We do not actively listen.
    Through a situation that forces light and unmasks walls, the characters truly begin to blossom. This thus becomes a beautiful study in growth.
    Thanks Marina. It is wonderful being on this ride with you & Soul Kiss Films.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Wow Andrea, you really hit on some key elements of the film, and I thank you for noticing and sharing! When a new color or texture is mentioned then often others will begin to engage on a different level. Sending a big hug, Marina

  31.  by  Sharron Lloyd-Johnson

    I think making the movie available for rent like this is such a brilliant idea and it gets seen by a much wider audience. I rented it on the day it came out and was not disappointed at all. It can be difficult to make a movie interesting when it is basically just set in one place, but you managed it beautifully. What a wonderful movie which was was so well acted and had a amazing cast. Thank you Marina for bringing it to us all. We usually have to wait some time for movies like this to come along and they are so important to the LBGT community and it makes it worth the wait. A truly wonderful film, which I was more than happy to support. Thank you. x

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks for this Sharron – my goal is of course to make the film as accessible as possible – even though some of the countries only have a few views we have been to 77 so far, which is AMAZING! Hugs, Marina

  32.  by  Joni

    Marina, I think what you have done is consider your audience in every way possible…your work, your distribution…etc. I am a big supporter of you and Soul Kiss Films. There is such beauty and value in what you do. Getting that to the masses (so to speak) in this way is forward thinking. Renting now and hopefully purchasing later….:-). Hugs to you

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thank you Joni for being such a presence on Facebook and spreading the word, and I appreciate your understanding of how I consider my audience…hugs, M

  33.  by  Catharina

    I think what you do are awesome. And the idea to be in control of distribution is great. I rented Anatomy of a Love Seen immediately I got to know about you. But ironically I found out of you by searching for lesbian films at Netflix. There I found Elena Undone. Otherwise I might not have known about you. I would like to support you in any way I can. I will of course donate money, but is there any other way to support you?
    I am myself a writer and actress in Sweden, therefor I would never hesitate to pay money for what authors, artists and filmmakers produce.
    I got quite an interesting life story myself and one day I will make a script out of it. Meanwhile I am grateful for what you are doing. I love your stories. Although I would have loved to have the storyline of the daughter included in Elena Undo. I am curious about all your plans and am looking forward to Raven` s Touch. Keep on.

  34.  by  celia

    I love this movie. I love the emotions it makes you feel. You are instantly grabbed and pulled into the lives of all these characters and you can’t look away. I always look for free stuff and took some real begging to get my husband to rent it for me. I’ve watched it twice and I thought the second time around was even better because I felt more of the emotions and I cried and cried. Me myself have had my experiences with one woman. She’s now married and I am married to a man. But I 100% support all gays and anybody who want to be or do anything. Love has no limits and this movie never makes a huge deal out of a lesbian relationship. Because it’s also natural not just a man and woman. This is my favorite movie right now and hopefully one day it’ll be a DVD and I can buy it. I think every part of the cast and crew did amazing for a low budget film. I love this so much I’ve been promoting on my Facebook and telling everyone about it just in the last 3 days. Marina, please continue to do movies. Especially like this. Your talent is so outragiously impressive and maybe one day make a part two. I really want to see more of Zoe and Mal. 🙂 Thanks for pulling some emotions out of me with this film. 10 Stars!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks Celia, I appreciate that you opted to rent our film, and thank you for this lovely message…sending hugs, Marina

  35.  by  Shirley Page

    I absolutely loved your first two films by Nicole Conn and will be downloading Anatomy of a Love Seen this weekend. I am excited to become a supporter of your films and will be making a donation now. I plan to continue to support Soul Kiss Films future projects. Please continue to make these awesome movies!

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thank you so much Shirley for both your emotional and financial support – I can’t tell you how much it means to me…sending hugs, Marina

      •  by  Shirley Page

        Hi Marina. I just watched your film and have to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Somehow I new I would. You were awesome by the way. The story was beautifully filmed. I love the whole concept of renting on line. It was easy to do and very reasonably priced. I will highly recommend the movie. I am looking forward to Ravens Touch and future projects.

  36.  by  Natalie

    Brilliant idea! I’ll be renting online, great to support at grass roots level 🙂 Natalie in the UK xx

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Thanks Natalie – I truly appreciate your support! Hugs, M

  37.  by  Rebecca

    Hi Marina. I never rent and I do not look for free online content. I purchase. I am a hermit and do not get out much. I really enjoy my movies and the opportunity to watch them whenever I am inclined. I own A Perfect Ending and Elena Undone. I am always so excited to see something you have done and I always pre-order when available. I trust your work so completely that I do not need to preview it before purchase. I will rent it because I have been dying to see it and because I want to support you. That being said, it will be a huge huge disappointment if this movie does not come out in a DVD format. I love your work and look forward to owning everything you put out. You are a very sweet lady and you put a lot of smiles on a lot of peoples faces, Keep up the good work and take care.

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Awww, thank you Rebecca. Since I don’t want to disappoint anyone, there will be a DVD with some pretty great extras too! Sending big hugs, Marina

  38.  by  Luisa

    Yes Marina, this is one of the best choices to publish a movie and connect it personally to your audience. Every time I spend money on media, I think of spending the money to the makers who deserve it and I hope that everyone gets his fair part of it. In the big industry, I don’t know whether I can rely on that. I think some time about buying movies or other stuff since I don’t get that much pocket money :DD But when it is worth it I love to pay it. I couldn’t watch Anatomy of a love seen yet but I definitely will. This blog just made my choice finally because I know this money is for something good. For stories to be told, for people to be supported and encouraged, for messages to be spread – especially to your target audience 🙂 Elena Undone changed my life a bit, since then I feel like owing you guys something 😀
    love, Luisa

    •  by  Marina Rice Bader

      Luisa, thank you for this very thoughtful message – I appreciate your heart…hugs, Marina

      •  by  Luisa

        Okay I just watched the movie and I’m feeling like my whole body is filled up with tears. It’s beautiful, you heard that about a hundreds of times I guess..
        I really think this is so awesome. You (and your crew of course) got the talent to show these beautiful things.. This intensity that can happen between two people by love which can turn them crazy in both ways but also your personality. I don’t know you, I have never met you and probably I never will but I want to tell you that everything you gave in this movie, the movies before and in general, is so absolute and honest. I love how your clarity waves with and around you and all you’re trying to do is sharing it with each and everyone.
        You give so much and I just wanted to say Thank You as a tiny part of giving something back. (I hope I can and you don’t think now that I’m a freak or something 😀 )
        I appreciate your heart and being… but especially your making as long as it goes with your heart.
        Hugs, Luisa
        (sorry for the novel)

  39.  by  Jane Clark

    I am with Marina on pushing the boundaries of distribution. It’s a changing world and more and more filmmakers are beginning to realize that there is a choice. You don’t have to give away your profits for the “privilege” of being distributed by a company. Making films isn’t a hobby, it is a vocation. There are not many businesses that could be sustained if the owner of the company did not make a living off of their service or product. And that is what we, as filmmakers are. We are the owner of a business and our films are our products. A profit needs to be sustained in order to continue to supply product in the future and the deals that are offered by traditional distribution methods are not structured to the benefit of the people making the product. So I say, GO MARINA! and I’m right behind you! xoxo

  40.  by  Laura

    Hi Marina! I was not able to leave a comment on the other site- so here I am! 🙂 First, I think the way you are distributing the film is wonderful- making it available to everyone at once for such a fair price. My friend and I rented and watched it the other night, and we enjoyed it very much! I read some comments by other viewers saying that they felt something was missing or that there should have been more back story…however, I think that was the point of the film. My feeling was that this film, like poetry, was more about the raw emotion than having everything explained or filled in for you. It cut to the chase of those few raw, real moments- pretty or not- that define a relationship. And I think the actresses did a beautiful job of portraying the pain, anger, torment, and love of that relationship. And this set and situation was the exact atmosphere that allowed- or forced- them to face those emotions head on. And in witnessing it, the viewer is not only drawn into that struggle but is reminded of every similar feeling or fight or struggle in a relationship that they have had- and they re-live it with them, b/c it is raw and real. So it is universal and very relateable. And I think you were just being “real”…like you would be on a set- which went along with the documentary feel of the behind the scenes view of this set. I would like to watch it again now that I know what it’s all about. I think I would enjoy and savor both the intense and the tender moments more the second time around. Bravo Marina and team! Thank you for all the hard work, time, and love you put into this project. xo

  41.  by  Patricia Adolphe

    I have not yet viewed this film, but plan to. I have streamed movies before, and I have purchased DVDs of favorite films to watch over and over. I will stream this film, but hope in time it will be available to purchase as a DVD so I can view it again and again as I have in the past with “Claire of the Moon”, “Elena Undone”, “Perfect Ending”, “I Can’t Think Straight”, and others. Keep up the work of making quality films about women, for women. There are still too few, and even fewer of those of quality.

  42.  by  Lilia

    Elena Undone is my favorite romantic move and I own the dvd. I have watched it several times. I will most likely rent “Anatomy…” but would probably buy a dvd as well if it becomes available. (I’m assuming I will love it enough to do so.)

    I subscribe to the web series “Venice” by Crystal Chappell ($10 per season) and then purchase the dvd of that season when it is available to rewatch at my leisure, because I enjoy it so much and because I firmly believe that woman should support women, especially those gracing us with well made lesbian movies and series.

    Hope this is helpful and good luck. Looking forward to “Raven’s Touch.”


  43.  by  Becky

    “Have you rented Anatomy of a Love Seen?” Yes – before reading this post.
    “Do you typically rent films or look for free content?” I rent and purchase films. I also support (albeit with small sums) Kickstarter projects.
    “Do you think it’s acceptable that I directly ask my audience for support in both renting the film and spreading the word?” Absolutely!

    Thank you for making such touching films!
    I really look forward to watching (and purchasing) Raven’s Touch.

    By the way, might you consider releasing an edition (perhaps a Collector’s Edition) of Elena Undone that includes the “Unseen Extras” on DVD?

  44.  by  anita

    Very much enjoyed this film. I came across the trailer on you tube, and then found the rental information. Renting the film was a very easy process, and worth every penny of the five dollars. “Anatomy of a Love Scene”, is now one my favorite LGBT movies, if not one of my favorite all time movies. Extremely well done! Writing, acting, production all top rate. Best wishes for continued creative and financial success to you and your whole team.

  45.  by  iratxe

    Dear Marina, reading your post has let me better know and feel the passion you put in your work and how you see it as an expression of your genuine “art” as well as your contribution to what you find could be improved with it in society. Thank you very much for your commitment.

    The formula you have chosen is based on “trust”, and is precisely “trust” what you have generated on me when I have read your post. I find very interesting your experiment, and I think the best is the “interactive” part of it. I believe that “that open door” in both sides of the path (the one who offers it and the one who watches it) could be an important key of the success of the formula. When you know from inside, trust grows.

    I trust on generous and passionate people that work with the heart, and yes, I rent the film, watched and enjoyed it a lot.
    I hope the experiment succeeds and brings you wealth in multiple ways.

  46.  by  aLesbianCinemaFiend

    I experienced A Perfect Ending on Netflix recently, and I wanted to share the story with a very close, lesbian-deprived friend. Not wanting a DVD of the film to be interpreted the wrong way, my thought is that a hard-copy book format would be more appropriate and enjoyable for her. So I searched the Internet, and discovered Soul Kiss, and eventually ended up on this site. I am looking forward to experiencing Anatomy of a Love Seen, and I am eagerly anticipating future works soon. And to answer the question posed in the July 27 posting by Marina Rice Bader for this Blog, I ABSOLUTELY believe it is appropriate to ask your audience for support; without each other, what would be the point? We are a tightly-knit community, and the Interactive Social Experiment is an ideal way to achieve successful longevity in these times. Brava! –Lisa

  47.  by  Nee Kee

    I did not know the lengths in which independent directors go through to make a film, but i do now! After reading what you’ve said, I feel like i would rent this film rather than watching it online for free. I would like to say, as an 18 year old girl coming from a country like Malaysia, love like this is not seen. So, I would like to thank you on making your wonderful movies, for giving us hope on love. When i was watching the movie, i felt so moved by it. It was realistic and relatable. Just wanted to say, there’s many of us out there in Asia who’ve been watching your films. This social experiment has let many people like me who are unable to rent a film online as our parents are the ones with the credit cards, who do not know of our sexual orientation.

    Just wanted to say thank you and keep making these films!

    -Nee Kee

  48.  by  teefer

    i will rent the movie. There are so few lesbian movies out there that i try to rent or buy most of them to continue supporting folks taking the risk (some are awesome, some are not great and some are average…but since they went out on a limb to get it made i figure i can devote 2 hours of my time to watching it). I would love it if you could report back if this is a sustainable model or not. $5 seems kind of low to me, but maybe it will encourage more people to do it.

  49.  by  dark_9angel

    Wow! I’m stoked to watch “Anatomy of a Love Seen”! I found “Elana Undone” and “A Perfect Ending” on Netflix. I had no idea there were other movies being put out buy the same production company. I’m happy to have found my way here to the Soul Kiss Films site. I just graduated with my bachelor’s degree so I kinda broke. I wish I had money to help out the team 😀

  50.  by  Let

    I just recently watched Anatomy of a Love Seen via rental. I was ready to pay via Vimeo but then I saw it cheaper in Amazon and longer time period. I read multiple reviews from both sites prior to committing to rent. And after watching it finally, I was left with some questions, however, I was really impressed and enlightened with the behind the scenes. The characters Zoe, Mal, & Anne were great and well acted. I stumbled upon this blog site just now, while finding more info on another film “Raven’s touch”. I am now even more impressed knowing the director’s forward thinking, bravery, and creativity. Well done Marina! I enjoyed watching the anatomy of love I just seen between the four main characters. 😉

  51.  by  Jillian

    Marina, focused solely on your distribution plan –I think you were spot on. I have to admit I didn’t rent it when it first came out … but that was because I KNEW I was going to buy it when available for sale. 🙂 I like knowing you are able to take charge and keep control of the project from inception through distribution. Also, I’m thrilled I can watch it anytime by opening my iTunes or by turning on Netflix. Your plan gets this film out to the widest possible audience by making it easy for us. What more could we ask for?

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