Anatomy of a Love Seen


I’m so incredibly proud of this film.

It’s all about that toughest thing to manage – that elusive shimmering light you have seen and felt – that pull at your chest – that weight in your heart that you can’t bear for one more moment – that up all night looking for answers – that fear and anger so fierce you feel out of control – that moment of reprieve when for just a moment you feel the solution is at hand and then it’s ripped away by thoughtless words and deeds – that feeling you will never ever have it again – that thing we call love.

It’s something I don’t understand, so I made a movie about it.  And then an amazing team joined me and brought their own interpretations, and it was a beautiful thing the making of Anatomy of a Love Seen.  They were not frightened at the prospect of creating a feature in five days, with less than two weeks of prep.  In fact this young crew of mostly recent AFI graduates jumped in with both feet and made it happen in such a joyous and passionate way.  My lovely actresses Sharon, Jill and Constance reveled in the notion of a completely unscripted film and were not daunted at all with the organic and visceral way I wanted to create this project.  And no one freaked when I had an epiphany three days before we started shooting and re-wrote the end of the film, which of course meant I had to go back to the beginning in order to support the change.  They all rolled with it, and we had fun…so much fun.

I feel very blessed that these incredibly talented filmmakers joined me on this journey, and I can’t wait to sit in an audience with them and share our achievement.

In gratitude,


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